Vision and Mission


Pull together the most passionate people from across Australia to help hundreds of thousands of teenager’s thrive with their mental health by developing lifelong skills and passions through a combination of nature therapy and adventure programs.


Students are facing more challenges then ever before in history and their mental health is suffering. Students also care about animals and the environment, more than any generation before and are not sure of a solution. The team at Adventure Hub are a passionate team who believe getting students into the outdoors, connecting to nature is part of the solution. This creates a win for everyone.

We run School Camps and Outdoor Education programs across Australia with a strong focus on nature therapy and the environment, whilst having fun adventures. Our business model allows passionate outdoor guides to work for themselves and do what they love, whilst being supported by a national company.

The benefit to students is having important experiences and lifelong lessons for their life ahead. With the constant stimulation of smart phones and social media, many students are losing the ability quiet their mind and think deeply. Students will be introduced to how nature therapy can be used to improve their mental health and gain valuable tools to quiet their minds and have great mental health for life. They will also develop resilience, leadership skills and teamwork through a range of fun adventure activities, which they may choose to take up as a hobby or sport. They will also get to see the effects of land clearing, plastics pollution and our lifestyle on the environment, the result of their personal choices and how they can make a difference.

Schools and teachers have access to a wide range of high-quality programs in multiple locations to support the curriculum or camp programs. The way Adventure Hub is uniquely structured allows us to run a number of our own programs, but also partner up with some of the best operators in the industry, delivering extremely diverse and high-quality programs that would be almost impossible for one single operator to deliver. Schools want to work with us because they know what we stand for, they know the students will have fun whilst learning some valuable life lessons. They also know how easy we are to work with being able to take care of all aspects of the camps and flexible enough to meet your outcomes and budget.

The carefully selected team we work with are passionate about teenagers’ mental health, outdoor adventures, and the environment. They will be supported by a national brand, programs, bookings and administration support. They will have access to our standard programs and support setting up and delivering programs specific to their location. Allowing them to work for themselves doing what they do best in delivering exceptional outcomes to teenagers in their location.


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