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Who We Are?

Adventure Hub is passionate about getting people, in particular students, connected with nature. Helping them understand the benefits of being in nature has on their mental health, either through fun adventures or simply having quiet time away from the constant stimulation of technology. Also the issues facing the environment and what effect their choices are having whilst experiencing an awesome adventure.

We cater to many different types of clientele, so whether you’re a school, corporate or community group, a family or a group of mates we have a package that will suit. Click on the adventures list above or the schools pages to see our extensive range of programs or if you are looking for something customised call us on 1300 182 077 or fill out the form below to discuss other options.

Darren Collins

General Manager and Educator

Darren has been in the Adventure industry since 2003. His experience bringing adventures to the masses began through running a booking agency selling other companies experiences, as well as offering consultancy and business management services to the adventure/tourism industry. Since 2009 he has been running his own adventures.

“I got into this industry because I have a love for adventure, from flying planes and gliders, sailing, mountain bike riding, scuba diving and kayaking.

Having seen how much students are struggling with mental health these days, I am passionate about using adventure and nature therapy programs to help as many teenagers as possible. I also have a passion for animal rights and conservation, working with groups like Sea Shepherd and Animals Australia.

it is very important to me that Adventure Hub is known for making a difference with student’s mental health. I love what I get to do every day, this is not just a business to me, but my purpose in life.”


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